Temperature data logger

COREX is an official distributor of imec Messtechnik GmbH, which offers innovative solutions for temperature monitoring in the form of disposable and reusable data loggers, wireless data loggers, temperature indicators, and other measurement devices. Disposable Temperature Data Logger are utilized in the recording of temperature-controlled transport (GDP); with the wireless data loggers, an uncomplicated temperature recording and real-time alarming from cold stores and cold rooms is easily possible.   .

Monitoring with Automatic PDF report generation does not require installing of any software. For monitoring of temperature sensitive shipments along the entire cold chain, imec Messtechnik GmbH temperature data loggers are the most intuitive and cost-effective solution on the market.  All of the products are equipped with an integrated USB port and PDF generator on board, so they do not require any additional software or hardware to start temperature recording or reading the data from the logger: These single-use loggers are supplied pre-configured according customer's settings and automatically generate a comprehensive PDF report after being connected to a computer.

With its compact size these data loggers will fit in every packaging, saving space and weight. The generated PDF report contains comprehensive information about the monitored conditions: Complete data graph, statistical information like MIN, MAX, AVG, MKT, cumulated time outside thresholds and every single measurement in a table.

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tempmate.®-S1 Disposable Temperature Data Logger
tempmate-M1 - Mulltiuse Temperature Data Logger
PICTURE tempmate s1.gif
DESCRIBTION The innovative Disposable data logger tempmate.®-S1 with built-in USB port, is the perfect companion for the goods cost temperature monitoring of transports.
  • Automatic report generation in PDF format - no software needed
  • One-time used
  • Built-in USB interface, no cables or readers required for evaluation 
  • Flat (credit card size), waterproof (IP67) and suitable for food
  • Instant alarm LED indicator
  • Customized pre-programmable (run time, alarm levels, alarm delay, alarm mode, start delay)
  • Includes Certificate 
  • Cost-efficient
  • EN12830 Compliant

  • To evaluate the tempmate.®-S1 is connected directly to the USB port. Here, a PDF report is automatically generated, which provides only changes in temperature, all individual values ​​and statistical information. Hardware (cable interface) or software are not required.

tempmate-M1, our best data logger for recording temperature with internal or external temperature sensor, multifunctional display and automatic PDF report generation.
    • Compact size and easy handling
    • Integrated USB interface 
    • Pre-configured and ready to start directly without software and PC
    • Multiple adjustable alarm limits (3 x high, 2 x Low)
    • Flag Function
    • Multiple recording with temporary PDF
    • Automatic PDF report generation
    • Multifunction LCD
    • MKT value is calculated automatically
    • Compatible with TempBase management software and cloud
    • Readjustment of the sensor at any time through the possible software
    • EN12830 compliant and GDP
    • Battery replaceable by customer
    • Calibration certificate as a PDF on the logger saved
    • IP67 protection class

Measuring range -30 oC to +70 oC  -30 oC to +70 oC
Accuracy ±0,5°C ±0,5°C 
Resolution 0.1 ° C 0.1 ° C 
Data Storage 16.000 Points 32.000 Points
Recording Time up to 110 Days (standard, others on request)
By customer freely programmable/ up to 12 month
Interval 10 Sec. to 10 minutes (standard, others on request) 10 Sec. to 24 Hours.
Battery Shelf Life - 2 years / Battery  - CR2450 button cell
CR2032/ replaceable by customer
Dimensions 83 mm × 47 mm × 7 mm (L × W × H)
79 mm x 33 mm x 14 mm (L x B x T)
Weight 14.6 g
25 g 
Degree of protection IP67 / NEMA 6 IP67 / NEMA 6