COREX Managing Director Konstantin Melnikov and Director of Business Development Denis Volkov attended the 9th Annual SMI Clinical Trial Logistics conference and exhibition that took place on May 20-21st in London where Pharma and biotechnology executives from across the globe met to gain a better understanding of the latest challenges in clinical trial transportation, storage and recruitment in clinical trials logistics. "COREX strives to adopt the most innovative trends in the industry and is working to introduce the newest concepts and technologies in order to maintain its regional leadership position in the field of clinical trial logistics," comments Denis Volkov.
"Engaging on a platform with industry professionals, peers and colleagues gave us a greater insight into the challenges that EU GDP will face in 2016. We connected with both industry providers and regulatory representatives and received valuable practical insights that we will begin to implement in the nearest future".
Especially relevant to COREX was the discussion on the topic of integration of new technologies into IT-Systems for Clinical Logistics. There exists a great number of siloed software solutions, which, expressly or by implication, form the informational platforms for the industry. These include Supply Chain Management (SCM), Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Courier Tracking System (CTS) and so on. All have different inputs and outputs, and linking these systems is an important yet laborious task. "COREX has developed a SaaS web-based WMS, which has already linked three critical software components – SCM, WMS and CTS", commented Konstantin Melnikov. "After visiting the Conference we were reaffirmed in our strategy of integrating the remaining units, the IVRS and the CTMS."
Other notable topics covered at the conference included Integrated Temperature Tracking at the site, reviewing Temperature Monitoring of Shipments, GCP & GMP requirements, Cost Optimization and many others.
COREX is at a stage of introducing significant operational innovations to help optimize and accelerate clinical trials while sustaining logistics at the highest level.

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