Today COREX Depot launched its new and improved mobile first website. The new site boasts features such as in-depth employee profiles, which provide a new and fresh look into the company, as well as a design and user interface reflecting the modern, friendly and energetic company.

The home page, or landing page, has been simplified into the company’s main feature “A Full-Cycle Clinical Trial Supply and Logistics Group With In-Depth Local Expertise in Post-Soviet Countries and Eastern Europe” and a simple call to action of “Contact Us”. A prompt at the bottom of the screen introduces users into the details of COREX’s full-cycle logistics service offerings with clickable user friendly and engaging iconography. 

Other important features are interactive maps identifying geographical coverage, data on “Why COREX?”, news with sharable information, events, white papers, careers and an option to connect via Facebook and Linked In. 

The new site aims to provide users with a better experience, easier access to valuable information as well as to reflect the skillful, intelligent, versatile and creative nature of COREX itself. 

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our site as well for continuous improvement. 


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