There is a saying:“happiness doubles, when you share” and it is exactly what we did on the 17th May in the framework of Pharma Garden. On a wonderfully sunny day in the big historical park of Moscow state clinic № 52 the group of enthusiastic volunteers from COREX and pharmaceutical companies contributed into the beautification of the territory. The participants were organized into four groups accordingly to the fields of work.

2018-05-17 garden 070.jpg

Each group had its unique name, a leader, a team spirit, the bright sun and greenery.
By our hands a flower-bed with petunias and daisies was made, bushes in front of the main entrance were planted, benches and garden pavilions were freshly painted.

2018-05-17 garden 051.jpg

All the volunteers were glad to help and to effectively cooperate. We aimed not only to complete the required tasks rather than to be conductive to the changing the standard format and image of the hospital. We intended that patients, who are hospitalized, could feel hospitable and comfortable atmosphere. As the president of the clinic Vtorenko Vladimir wisely noted during the introductory part of the event: “Being a volunteer means keeping your mind open for the new ideas that help to overcome old stereotypes”.

2018-05-17 garden 023.jpg

We are thankful to the administration of the clinic for organizing the work environment and providing us with all the necessary facilities. We are heartfully grateful for all the help of our colleagues and partners from pharmaceutical companies. We appreciate warm support of our HR department and the headlining guidance of our Marketing Manager.

2018-05-17 garden 068.jpg

That was our 3rd Pharma Garden and we are looking forward to volunteering with you in 2019!

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