Certified Destruction

  • Full-reconciliation of materials scheduled for destruction;
  • Pre-destruction storage;
  • Issuing certificate of destruction;
  • Eco-friendly destruction technology;
  • Full tracking of destruction process in COREX WMS.
COREXPERT DISSCUS YOUR DESTRUCTION CHALLENGES WITH OUR COREXPERT: Alexey Bocharov Contact Alexey Bocharov Senior warehouse logistics specialist
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«Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.»

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Alexey Bocharov and I am a Senior warehouse logistics specialist at COREX.

In 2013 I graduated from the Russian State University of Humanities in Domodedovo, Moscow and hold a post graduate degree in Humanities as well. Read more...
As a Warehouse Specialist at COREX I carry out the receipt and storage of items under the necessary temperature conditions as well as the distribution of study drugs and CT materials to site locations. I am responsible for carrying out complete coordination of study drugs for temperature monitoring transparency during the lifecycle of study drug logistics.. I also support other areas within our warehouse program, such as, coordination of appropriate documentation for Quality Management.  

Since day one at COREX I have suggested a number of solutions on how to improve the communication between different internal departments which resulted in operational activity and productivity improvements. I also contributed to a number of temperature monitoring transportation logistics improvements .

If you have any questions concerning warehouse logistics activities, please, feel free to contact me; I will be happy to answer.

As part of COREX LogiLinktm we manage all clinical trials’ drug returns and its destruction both during and at the end of the study. Warehouse specialists receive unused or expired study materials from trial sites and perform reconciliation of what was collected. After the returns are counted and verified they are transferred to a secure area where they are stored before destruction.

Upon receiving the instructions from the sponsor, stored materials are transported to a certified destruction facility and destroyed in accordance with the clauses of country-specific federal laws. As a final step, the Destruction Certificate is generated and is forwarded to the client.

This process is transparently tracked and recorded in its entirety in COREX WMS.


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corex process approach

  • 1 TRANSPORTATION TO DEPOT Delivery of the returned/recalled materials from investigational site.
  • 2 RECEIPT OF RETURN Bulk receipt of returned materials, double-checking of packing list.
  • 3 RECONCILIATION Full reconciliation based on client’s instructions (pack, item, tablet mode).
  • 4 SHIPMENT TO THE DESTRUCTION FACILITY Transportation to the licensed destruction facility that utilizes echo-friendly technology.
  • 5 ISSUING CERTIFICATES On-line reporting and physical submission of certificate of destruction.
COREXPERT DISSCUS YOUR DESTRUCTION CHALLENGES WITH OUR COREXPERT: Alexey Bocharov Contact Alexey Bocharov Senior warehouse logistics specialist