Comparator Sourcing and Clinical Supply

  • Licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler of prescription drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, medical and surgical supplies, etc.;
  • Direct contracts and preferred provider statuses with major pharmaceutical companies;
  • Exclusive pricing for clinical trials and named patient supply;
  • Supply optimization and ability to negotiate against price hikes for the duration of the clinical trial;
  • Product availability intelligence and advance reservation;
  • Drugs with Certificate of Analyses (CoAs), Certificate of Conformity (CoCs) & TSE/BSE statements;
  • Online ordering and drug reservation function in Warehouse Management System (WMS).
COREXPERT DISSCUS YOUR PROCUREMENT CHALLENGES WITH OUR COREXPERT: Elena Kadkina Contact Elena Kadkina Senior Business Development Manager
Elena Kadkina Contact
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«When there’s a will, there’s a way.»
Greetings and salutations, I am Elena and I am the Senior Business Development Manager.

I graduated from the Department of Philology in Smolensk State University and my career in the field of Clinical Studies began in my student years and continues today.
My experience in Corex, CRO and other commercial organizations, numerous trainings on international quality standards and business communications help me to carry out successful execution of our BD activities in the sphere of global pharmaceutical trading. I supervise key lines of the clinical trial and analytical studies supply, procurement for Managed Access Programs and closely work with our brilliant team of Account Managers.

Recently COREX managed to achieve excellent partnerships with manufacturers and distributors of MP in Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan; this allows us to offer our customers the most competitive clinical trial supply solutions meeting usually very strict requirements for timelines, pricing, quantities, expiry, quality documents and batches of procured products. Our client-oriented team is always pleased to work out an optimal scheme of supplies taking into account the market situation and helping our customers to avoid any pitfalls.

Yet we don't stop there; we continue the development of our company by advancing process automation, expanding geographical boundaries, and make every effort to offer our customers original products and generics on the most favorable conditions.

If you are interested in the procurement of medical products in Russia and CIS countries, I will be happy to assist you.

COREX is a fully licensed wholesaler of pharmaceutical supplies, including rare medicines, controlled drugs and specialized products. Through its extensive network of collaborators COREX provides comparator, concomitant therapy drugs and ancillary supplies for clinical trials conducted in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

COREX maintains close working relations and preferred provider statuses with all major pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and government sourcing programs, which allows us to find the most  sought after products and negotiate attractive discounts which are passed on to our clients. COREX’s unique forecasting algorithms enables optimization of study supplies by predicting drug availability according to the projected recruitment dynamics, retain the prices for resupplies and negotiate cumulative discounts for the entire study.

For our clients’ convenience we have created a personal cabinet section in our WMS that tracks their order statuses, has drug reservation and Purchase Order (PO) generating function. With the use of this interactive tool, our clients always have information about their requests, current stock and instant access to product documentation: CoAs, CoCs and receipt forms.

COREX goes even further to simplify the drug procurement process and to alleviate subsequent distribution issues. As a part of COREX LogiLinktm one-stop shop services we offer exportation of finished drugs, direct to patient supplies or local depot distribution to investigational sites.

Contact our COREXPERT to learn more about COREX Sourcing Capabilities!

corex process approach

  • 1 PRIMARY DATA COLLECTION Collection of information about projected recruitment rates, single batch and expiry requirements.
  • 2 DETAILED MARKET ANALYSIS Extensive availability and pricing search, negotiations with the manufacturers.
  • 3 SUPPLY STRUCTURE OPTIMIZATION Drug availability forecasting and creation of project-specific supply schedules.
  • 4 NEGOTIATING SPECIAL DISCOUNTS Negotiating cumulative discounts, payment conditions and drug reservations.
  • 5 BUDGET PROPOSAL Offering the client a variety of options via submission of a tailored budget proposal.
COREXPERT DISSCUS YOUR PROCUREMENT CHALLENGES WITH OUR COREXPERT: Elena Kadkina Contact Elena Kadkina Senior Business Development Manager