Depot Services

  • All temperature-controlled regimes: ambient, refrigerated, frozen, deep frozen, LN2;
  • Temperature monitoring system with GSM alarm messaging;
  • Access control & 24/7 security with video surveillance;
  • Extensive fire prevention and alarm systems;
  • Back-up power generators covering all depot needs;
  • Segregated areas for cytotoxic materials, returns storage and quarantine;
  • Full compliance with EU GDP guidelines;
  • Stock inventory and movement reporting in our Warehouse Management system (WMS).
COREXPERT DISSCUS YOUR LAB KIT NEEDS WITH OUR COREXPERT: Ilya Kurdyumov Contact Ilya Kurdyumov Head of Warehouse (Pharmacist)
Ilya Kurdyumov Contact
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The Golden Rule

It is my pleasure to introduce my e-self to you; my name is Ilya, Head of Warehouse at COREX.

I graduated with a Pharmacy Degree from the Setchenov Moscow Medical Academy in 2006 and in 2009 I defended my thesis at the Zakusov Institute of Pharmacology.
My career in the field of clinical studies began in 2007 within the clinical trial department in a Russian contract research organization, continued in the same department of an international company and then transferred to COREX. Here at COREX I supervise the compliance of operational activity with local requirements and procedures and am involved in the creation and development of policies and guidelines.

Together with a team of employees, I am developing and implementing  unique software solutions for all COREX’s activities in order to provide instant transparency for employees, partners and customers. In addition to report generating, this program enables our customer notifications, such as: expiry date, shelf life, delivery confirmation, invoicing and request generation with built in logic for regulations and operating procedures.

This software solution is key for the Corex LogiLink™ system, allowing us to gather all information into a central data management chain.

If you have any questions about our software or if you wish to access the demo version, I will be happy to help you!

COREX facilities are equipped to store all types of medicinal products and clinical trial materials: ambient: 15°C-25°C; refrigerated: 2°C-8°C; frozen: -40°C; deep freeze: -80°C; LN2: -196°C. The temperature and humidity conditions are monitored and recorded by a centrally installed temperature and humidity monitoring system with SMS-alarms and e-mail notifications on deviations and excursions, and has modern fire-prevention systems covering all depot areas.

Maintenance of the devices. Calibrations of all measurement devices are performed at regular intervals and calibration documents are kept on file. All the required periodic maintenance inspections of the refrigerators, deep freezers, and of the air conditioning systems are performed by the manufacturer's technical service and the reports are filed and stored.

Back-up system. COREX’s own and partnering depots are all equipped with back-up power stations to support uninterrupted operation of the facilities for at least 12 hours.

Security & Pest Control. 24/7 security of the building is provided by licensed security agencies. Additional security measures include video monitoring of work areas, electronic key access to main storage zones and sophisticated burglary and fire alarm systems. Pest control in the facility is carried out by a certified provider ensuring that insect and rodent free conditions are maintained. Special attention is paid to compliance with international storage standards.

COREX`s WMS provides real time, on-line client access to all stored study materials. By providing status updates and keeping all quality forms required for carrying out full storage and distribution phases the system keeps track of the entire cycle of COREX`s operations, including expiry management, inventory and shipment status tracking.

corex process approach

  • 1 NEGOTIATIONS WITH THE CONSIGNOR Collect stability data, product specification, mediation of the date and time of the shipment.
  • 2 RECEIPT AND DOUBLE-CHECKING Receipt in appropriate temperature conditions, logger print-out analyses; double-checking for completeness and physical appearance.
  • 3 T°-CONTROLLED STORAGE COREX WMS guides storage allocation to the appropriate temperature-controlled zone according to the product MSDS.
  • 4 COORDINATION WITH INVESTIGATIONAL SITES Negotiation of date and time of dispatch, recipient information verification.
  • 5 PACKAGING AND DISPATCH TO THE COURIER Choosing appropriate thermo-containers and data loggers, double-verification with the courier before dispatch.
COREXPERT DISSCUS YOUR LAB KIT NEEDS WITH OUR COREXPERT: Ilya Kurdyumov Contact Ilya Kurdyumov Head of Warehouse (Pharmacist)