Document Archiving

  • Archiving of the clinical trial documentation;
  • Electronic copying of the archived files;
  • Document identification and access management;
  • Specialized light and humidity control storage with intensified fire prevention system;
  • E-archiving in COREX Warehouse Management System (WMS) with online access function.
COREXPERT DISSCUS YOUR ARCHIVING NEEDS WITH OUR COREXPERT: Angela Chirchir Contact Angela Chirchir Warehouse logistics specialist
Angela Chirchir Contact
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Greetings, my name is Angela Chirchir and I work as a COREX Warehouse logistics specialist.

I graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University, Law School and Department of Translation in 2010.

Working at COREX inspires my personal and professional growth; a distinguished corporate culture unites team members, encouraging mutual support and open dialogue. Employees of all departments undergo regular trainings and seminars which bring individual as well as organizational value.

As a warehouse department specialist at COREX, I handle receiving, storage and distribution of materials for clinical trials. Among other duties I am responsible for additional labeling and packaging of clinical research materials, ensuring the preservation of required temperatures during storage and transportation.

If I can be of any assistance – feel free to reach out.

According to International Conference on Harmonization Good Clinical Practice (ICH GCP), all study-related documents should be stored for at least of 2 years after the last marketing application approval in an ICH region or for a minimum of 2 years from the formal discontinuation of the investigational product clinical development.

In many cases the exact date of drug registration is not available, and CROs and Depots have to store large volumes of paper documentation for a longer period (up to 15 years). In many cases such volumes of clinical trial documentation can be significant and exceed typical office space capabilities. Each file should be identified and ready for submission in case of clinical trial audit or regulatory inspection. Sometimes the activities related to archiving are too laborious to be performed internally and this is where COREX archiving services can be of great value.

COREX archiving services offer special light and humidity control and intensified fire prevention system, they also include all the necessary procedures connected with e-document preparation, identification and access control. COREX offers real-time online access to the scans of the archived documents and access to the originals from the archive that can be sent to the client on the same business day.

Contact our COREXPERT to learn more about COREX specialized archiving services!

corex process approach

  • 1 PROJECT CLOSE OUT Close out meeting, analysis of successes and pitfalls.
  • 2 ARCHIVING Structured approach to documents’ indexation and storage.
  • 3 E-COPYING AND SCANNING Identification of the documents, naming, scanning and uploading to COREX WMS.
  • 4 LONG-TERM STORAGE Access allocation, filing and specialized light- and humidity-controlled storage.
  • 5 ACCESS TO FILES Sharing access details for downloading the documents from COREX WMS.
COREXPERT DISSCUS YOUR ARCHIVING NEEDS WITH OUR COREXPERT: Angela Chirchir Contact Angela Chirchir Warehouse logistics specialist