Study Document Printing

  • Self-copied CRFs printing;
  • Patient leaflet, informed consent, investigator’s brochure, protocol printing;
  • Vast capabilities and flexible printing schedule;
  • Rational timelines and cost-efficiency;
  • Overall process tracking in COREX Warehouse Management system (WMS).
COREXPERT DISSCUS STUDY DOCUMENT PRINTING WITH OUR COREXPERT: Roman Lenchevskiy Contact Roman Lenchevskiy Warehouse logistics specialist
Roman Lenchevskiy Contact
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Good day, I am Roman and I work as a COREX Warehouse logistics specialist.

I graduated from the Kursk Medical-Pharmaceutical College, in 2010 and am currently pursuing my post graduate degree in Pharmacy. My previous work experience includes working at a pharmacy from 2010 to 2014.

My duties at COREX include receipt, storage and distribution of clinical trial materials in the warehouse, their allocation, based on the most efficient use of storage space, facilitation and acceleration of the search and release of materials. I am also responsible for the safety of stored materials, compliance with storage modes, accounting warehouse operations. I take an active part in additional labeling and packaging materials for clinical research, providing the required temperatures for the duration of drug transportation. I ensure compliance with the standards formalizing established reports, and am also responsible for inventory management.

I will be happy to help you with any questions regarding our warehouse operations!

While the 21st century is bringing brand new solutions, including electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs) there remains a great number of studies that use paper forms. One of the most common findings during investigator site inspections is lack of reliable, accurate and adequate source documentation. This also happens to be the most common pitfall identified during sponsor audits.

COREX has vast experience and expertise in printing and storing of trial-related documentation and offers its clients the following solutions: 2/3-rings bound, spiral bound, saddle-stitch bound, self-copied forms, self-sticking labels and much more.

COREX has capabilities to print and store both large volumes and single documents quickly, efficiently and economically. So whether our client needs to manage the documents for the entire study or just print a few labels, COREX is always ready to help.

Contact our COREXPERT to learn more about COREX printing capabilities!

corex process approach

  • 1 CONSULTATIONS ON REQUIREMENTS Determination of the documents’ format, client requirements and printing machine adjustment.
  • 2 SAMPLE PRODUCTION Printing of the sample, review and approval for production by the client.
  • 3 PRINTING Printing, sorting and formatting of the documents, double-verification of all copies.
  • 4 DOCUMENTS ARCHIVING Specialized light- and humidity-controlled storage.
  • 5 SITE-DISTRIBUTION Subsequent distribution of the study documents to investigational sites.
COREXPERT DISSCUS STUDY DOCUMENT PRINTING WITH OUR COREXPERT: Roman Lenchevskiy Contact Roman Lenchevskiy Warehouse logistics specialist