COREX Logistics delivers state-of-the-art clinical trial supply and logistics services to pharma, biotech and CROs throughout its regions. Our expert team provides a wide range of transportation solutions to its valued clients including specialized services in relation to the transportation of biological materials (e.g. blood, skin, tissue samples etc).

A central element of transporting biological materials for our clients is ensuring the safety of this complex cargo. This means we ensure prompt delivery of biomaterials in strict compliance with the appropriate temperature controls and providing all the necessary export or import permits within 24 hours. Speed and safety are of the essence to this service and we provide online tracking for our clients of all types of biological materials.

The journey begins with the expert preparation of equipment in accordance with the specified temperature regime. For each client, we select an individual package offer depending on the delivery conditions. When placing cargo at the pick-up point, our specialists try to minimize the contact of the contents with the external environment. Delivery is carried out at various temperatures: +15..+25 °C; +2..+8 °C; -20 °C, -70 °C. Compliance with the established rules of carriage is monitored by our highly experienced team throughout the journey.

For clients who face the task of transporting biomaterials, we develop individual solutions and assess the risks of each transportation. To get expert advice on transportation of biological materials and the other solutions we can provide you please contact:

for queries in Europe +353 01 903 6076

for queries in Russia and CIS countries+7 499 647 59 41

for queries in Ukraine +38 044 495 60 41

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